Moderate, transitional from maritime to continental: along the Baltic coast – marine, away from the sea - closer to temperate continental. The average air temperature in January is -4-7°С, in July +15-17°С. Precipitation falls up to 700 mm. per year, mainly in the autumn-winter period (the end of summer is also often rainy). Due to the influence of sea air masses, the weather is quite changeable, and can often change several times a day, especially in spring and autumn.

Due to the shallow water, the water in the sea and lakes warms up quickly and in July reaches +20-24°C, the beach season lasts from early June to late August.

The best time to visit the country is from early May to mid-September to see the beautiful nature of Estonia or during the Christmas and New Year holidays – at this time, you can get into a real New Year's fairy tale in the Old Town of Tallinn.