A residence permit can be short-term (valid for up to five years) or permanent.

A short-term residence permit can be issued to a foreigner: 
  • who is married to a person permanently residing in Estonia;
  • for settling with a close relative permanently residing in Estonia;
  • for work;
  • to study at an educational institution located in Estonia;
  • for entrepreneurship.
A temporary residence permit may be extended if the grounds for issuing the residence permit have not changed and the application is justified.

A permanent residence permit can be issued to a foreigner who: 
  • immediately prior to obtaining a long-term resident's residence permit, he or she has permanently resided in Estonia for at least 5 years on the basis of a temporary residence permit*
  • who has a valid temporary residence permit in Estonia and their place of residence has been entered in the population register;
  • who has a permanent legal income to live in Estonia;
  • who has health insurance;
  • that has met the integration requirements, i.e. speaks Estonian at least on the basis of level B 1 specified in the language law or equivalent
 Information provided by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. 

You can learn more about the conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Estonia here: